Miscellaneous years and places

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Some of our classmates came from Gloucester Township Junior High School, Blackwood, NJ.

Click on the picture for a close up of the faces.

Top row: Bill Etheridge, Mr. Robert Benac, Bob Smith, Jack Fahy
4th row: Mike Wilson, Tommy Myers, Skip Geddes, Wes Pollack, Mark Gibbons, Rick Fugaro
3rd row: Judith Morrison, Judy Sampson, Mary Ellen Lowe, Kate ?, Lynn Stapf, Alice ?
2nd row: Harriet Weppler, Imogene Cain, Dee Damico, Janet Stiles, Joyce Nicosia, Anita Lanzilotta, Joanne Lanzilotta
Bottom row: Jimmy Manzel, Ronnie Lewis, Harry Perry, Bob Pitts, Billy Zackerowski

Where have they been?
Where are they now?

Judith Morrison Judy and her husband, Garry Waddell, live in Stroudsburg, PA. They lived in Woodbury, NJ, before finally settling to live in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in 1988.

Judy and Garry have two children — a daughter, Laura, who married in 2007 and has one daughter and another child on the way (due in August 2012), and a son, Stephen, who is not married, also living in Stroudsburg.

Judy worked for a bank and then became a teacher and taught at a small christian school in East Stroudsburg until she retired in 2011. Garry has been a product manager for Ricoh Americas Corporation, the printer/copier people, since 1986.

On May 15, 2010, Judy and Arlene caught up on 46 years over lunch at the Hilton Garden Inn, Rockaway, NJ.

Anita Lanzilotta Anita lived in Au Sable Forks, NY. After graduation, she met and married Steve Cassise and they had one daughter, Beth. Anita passed away on September 8, 2010.

Joanne Lanzilotta Joanne lives in Shillington, PA, where she owns her own beauty salon.

lanzilotta girls
Barbara Lanzilotta, Anita, Joanne,
Cammy Lanzilotta Gallo, Carmen Lanzilotta Righter

Joanne and her sister, Lorraine, in Italy

Robert Smith After high school graduation, Bob headed North to the "Banks of the Old Raritan" and Rutgers University, where he studied and played some football (until an injury sidelined him).

After graduation from Rutgers, Bob began his careers (yes, careers, plural) with International Business Machines Corporation. Whenever a job promotion or possibility for advancement was offered or a job just lost its challenge, IBM was a large enough and diverse enough company to provide another position. An opportunity was always available for Bob to develop and expand his knowledge and skills.

During his 40 years with IBM, Bob held varied positions as a programmer, product developer, systems engineer, salesman, instructor, and a certified PMP (that's a Project Management Professional and not someone who manages "ladies of the evening"). The positions always entailed significant travel, especially his last position developing customer solutions for IBM's outsourcing services division, IBM Global Services. As a result, Bob has managed to travel to 42 of the 50 states in the US. He looks forward to trying to "pick up" the remaining states during retirement.

Bob Smith impersonating a Christmas Ninja while opening Christmas gifts with his grandchildren

Promotions usually meant physically relocating the family to another city and state (after all, IBM stands for "I Been Moved"). As a result, Bob has lived in six different locations in 4 states (NY, NJ, NC, and PA) until finally settling in Hummelstown 23 years ago. Hummelstown is a small town near Hershey, PA (and yes, you can smell the chocolate as you drive through Hershey).

Also, after Rutgers graduation, Bob married Barbara Cuthbert (South Philadelphia High School, '62). During their 42 years of marriage, Bob and Barbara had 3 children, Robert Jr, Jennifer, and Ryan. He and Barbara also have 6 grandchildren ages 2 to 15. Bob is still a "Jersey Boy" at heart preferring to vacation with the family on Long Beach Island and introducing new generations to the Jersey Shore.

Bobs favorite Beach Bunnies:
Granddaughters Darian, Crystal, Destiny
and Savannah at Harvey Cedars on LBI

As a way of amusing the grandkids and keeping the question "Are we there yet?" to a minimum, he taught them to sing "On the Way to Cape May" whenever they take a day-trip to the shore.

Bob's personal Elvis impersonators:
Son, Ryan, and grandson, Brayden, Halloween 2009

Bob also enjoys reading and playing golf, especially since a new golf course was just built behind his house and another Hershey resort course opened a mile away.

Bob was extremely sorry that he missed the opportunity to renew old friendships at the 45-year reunion, but he intends to make our next big milestone at 50 years.

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If you have some pictures that you can share with the class,
please email them to Arlene Hofmann Furfero