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Some of our classmates came from Ethel M. Burke Elementary School, Bellmawr, NJ.

Click on the picture for a close up of the faces.

Who are they?
Where have they been?
Where are they now?

Dale Strack Dale lives in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. He moved to CA in 1989 to do a corporate turnaround for a guy named Tony Robbins [as in Tony Robbins, self-help writer/speaker]. He did the corporate turn around, produced Robbins' infomercial, ran the company for three years, and helped Robbins buy a few other interests. He then started a publishing company and published Ken Blanchard and a bunch of his friends. Blanchard and Robbins are good friends. Over the years, Dale started and sold several companies. He is starting another one right now.

Dale and Tonya

Dale has five kids, ages 8 to 40 years. One son from his first marriage, two daughters from his second wife's first marriage, and an 8-year old boy (Alex) and a 18-year old girl (Stephanie) from his current wife's first marriage. Stephanie is graduating from high school (June 2009) and going to Sonoma State College in the fall.

In June, Dale, Tonya, Alex, and Stephanie
went north to Alaska for a vacation.

Dale is currently married to Tonya Mantooth. They love the theater. Tonya produces documentaries and commercial spots. She is an eight-time Emmy award winner and owner of Mantooth Productions. Tonya's brother, Randy Mantooth, played Johnny Gage on "Emergency," was a soap star, and acts in plays, movies, and TV shows, most recently appearing on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. In July 2010, Tony and her brother collaborated for the first time to produce A Silent Killer, a documentary about the dangers of firefighters' exposure to carbon monoxide and cyanide.

Something that you may not know about Dale: He converted to Judaism in college! He and Dave Worrell.

Christine Auterson Christine is married to George Ruppert and they live in Williamstown, NJ. Chris cuts and styles hair at Mary's Creative Cuts, 367 W. Browning Rd, Bellmawr, NJ. If you are in the neighborhood and looking for a new do, call (856) 933-9400.

Joanne Magni After high school, Joanne married Stephen Davis (Cherry Hill HS). Steve was in the Air Force when they married in 1966 and, as of September 2009, they will be married for 43 years.

Joanne and Steve

Joanne and Steve have 9 children. The oldest has 2 masters degrees and numerous certifications for special education and is teaching at a maximum security prison for children. Two sons own their own construction businesses. A third son is working for some company that "pays him a lot of money," but Joanne "can't remember her own age, so how can she remember where he works"? One daughter is married with 3 children and works full-time with the ARC and has worked there for 10 years. She is also a full-time student studying criminal justice at Fairmont State University in WV and hopes to become a juvenile parole officer. Another daughter has 6 children. She and her husband own their own business and the husband is attending college. The youngest daughter is presently grappling with what she wants to be when she grows up. Two children have died. Joanne has 23 grandchildren (ranging in age from 22 to 1) and, in December 2009, she will become a great grandmother. However, Joanne says that she is not talking to that grandson because she is too young to have "great" put in front of grandmother.

Joanne, Steve, and one of their grandsons

As a federal employee, Steve was moved around a lot — 13 other places — before they settled in Clarksburg, WV. Steve had been working at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, when he got transferred to a new FBI facility in Clarksburg. Joanne thought that moving from North Jersey to Columbus, OH, was awful — culture shock and all that, but moving to Clarksburg was so much worse! However, Joanne plans to stay, now, because one of her 2 deceased children, Zachary, is buried here and 7 of her other 8 children have moved to the WV area. A ninth child died and is buried in Ohio.

Zachary, Joanne's youngest child, passed away in 2004. He had Down Syndrome and was the light of their lives. Zach achieved much in his short life. He made his First Holy Communion and his Confirmation. He was very active in special olympics. He graduated from high school the May before he passed away. He went to his senior prom and was on TV several times and on the news before and after he passed away.

Joanne and Steve expected to retire with Zach, but God had other plans. In January 2001, Zach was diagnosed with leukemia. He fought for almost 4 years, he lived through strokes, seizures, brain surgery, and a myriad of other issues, all with a smile on his face and trust in them. As Joanne says, "There are no words to describe the impact losing a child has on a family, especially when the child epitomized strength, courage and unconditional love. He is now, and always will, be our 'hero.'"

Joanne and Zach

In December 2007, Joanne graduated from Fairmont State University with a degree in history and sociology. She went back to school in August 2001, after Zach was diagnosed with leukemia. She says that going back to school "kept her sane — it filled the empty days, and sometime nights."

Joanne with Steve at her graduation

Joanne thinks that she might like to teach history in the local catholic school or go into some type of social work, but she doesn't really know what she wants to do. For now, she teaches religious education classes for their church and is "just" being a mom and grandmom to 7 children and 23 grandchildren.

In her "spare" time, Joanne loves to read, work in the garden, play on her computer, and cook. She loves Classical music, "Murder She Wrote," anything on the Sci Fi TV channel, and "Walker Texas Ranger" (Boy! Is that a blast from the past!)

Claire Denise Adams Claire and her husband Richard Regensburg (Haddonfield High '56) have lived in Upper Township, Cape May County, NJ, since 1983. They have been restoring and adding on to a 300-year old house, which they still consider a "work in progress."

On June 20, 2009, Claire and Richard celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. They went to dinner with friends who took this picture of them.


Claire worked as a case management team leader in the Civil Division of the NJ Superior Court until 2004, when she retired. Her Trial Court Administrator was Charles McCaffery, Pat's brother, and he always spoke with great affection about "those Triton Girls."

Claire and Richard do not have children, but their lives are very full of travel, friends, and a wonderful dog, Idgie, who enjoys traveling with them. Idgie even hikes up the mountains with them when they go to the Adirondacks (Aside from Claire: Don't be too impressed, we only do the smaller mountains).


In September of 2006 and 2008, Claire and RIchard recognized a dream of visiting some of our National Parks. They loved The Grand Canyon and Bryce and Zion, but the best parts of the trips were the rafting trips. In Colorado, they did some Class 3 rapids on the Arkansas River and, last year, they did the non-rapids trip beginning at the Glen Canyon Dam. In 2010, they will head for Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. They hope to continue visiting our parks for as long as possible. They love the outdoors!

In her spare time, Claire enjoys gardening and reading, but her real passion is quilting. Below is a quilted interpretation of a Monet-style water garden, which Claire completed about a year ago (in 2008).


Claire belongs to a group of quilters known as the Southshore Stitchers. Unfortunately, its semi-annual quilt show is being held the same weekend as our Triton 45-year reunion (Oct. 17, 2009). Because she is heavily involved in helping to run the show, she sill not be able to join us in October. She hopes, however, to join in at one of the mini-reunions in the future.

Claire wishes everyone a great time at the reunion
and she looks forward to seeing the pictures.
Cheers! from Claire

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If you have some pictures that you can share with the class,
please email them to Arlene Hofmann Furfero