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Who are they?
Where have they been?
Where are they now?

Daniel Buckley Dan came to Triton in our freshman year from .... After graduation, Dan went to St. Joseph's College, where he received a BS degree in Marketing and Managagment, and, later, to the University of Pennsylvania, where he received an MS degree in Organizational Dynamics.

Dan has been living in AZ and travels East each summer to his vacation home in Brigatine, NJ.

Dan now owns Dan Buckley Consulting. However, he recently retired as Vice President of People Development at Avnet, Inc., one of the world's largest global distributors of electronic parts, enterprise computing and storage products and embedded subsystems. We think that he is hiding out at his home in Brigatine.

Daniel Schoen Dan came to Triton in our sophomore year from ...., but basically, he followed Dan Buckley, because he also went to .... until 8th grade. After graduation, Dan married a girl from Deptford High. In the early 1970s,they moved to Maryland for his business career. In 1985, Dan moved to Redondo Beach, CA, for another business-related reason. The entire family was supposed make the move by 1987, but only two of Dan's three children relocated and his wife decided not to go. It was not a surprise, simply a product of getting married much too young. They separated and divorced.

In So. Cal., Dan owned a town house in So. Cal. with the Pacific Ocean as his front yard and a nice home in Sedona AZ. Life was good.

By 1989 Dan met another woman. They lived together for 3 years, and then decided to get married one weekend in Las Vegas, but that turned out to be a BIG mistake. They separated in 1995 and divorced in 2000.

In late 1999, Dan sold the CA business where he was a partner and returned to MD.

Dan is currently a partner with Charles Archer in Archer Schoen Associates, LLC. .

Dan says that he has had a lot of success and failures in his life, but that he considers the failures as a learning experiences. He traveled the globe extensively in the mid-1970s through the early 2000s. He does not travel so much today. He is thankful for good health, well, at least, manageable health. he quit smoking in 1969 and stopped doing pharmaceuticals in 1999, long story (a pill abuser). He does not drink much, but likes good Scotch, wine, or beer now and then oops forgot Vodka, shaken not stirred *wink* . For the most part have kept weight down always around 195-205 at 6' 1" not too bad. Still wear glasses and always will.

Dan says that "We are completely different people from 1964. Back then I was a 'bad boy.' Today, I am accomplished, cerebral, worldly, a fun guy, and shhhhhhhhh...... can still be a 'bad boy.'"

Susan Roberts Susan came to Triton from Henry B. Wilson in Camden. After graduation, she attended Rowan College and graduated in 1967. She is currently married to Hank Wheelwright and they live in San Diego, CA. She has two daughters (Jen and Shannon) and a son (Christopher) from a prior marriage.

Susan loves....LOVES!! to the U.S. or worldwide!! She loves to go to Disneyland and Disneyworld anytime she can!! And guess what Susan is currently doing for a living? Plan trips!!

Susan and Hank in Sea World, November 2005

In May 2009 Susan and Hank flew to London and then sailed on the Norwegian cruise ship, Jewel, to the Baltic incredible adventure!!

Susan at the dock with Jewel in the background

When not traveling or planning trips, Susan can be found at church or Bible study or at home reading a good book (the Left Behind series, Harry Potter, or books by Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Joyce Meyers, Mike Huckabee, Bill O'Reilly, John C. Maxwell, Dr. David Jeremiah, and similar genre) or watching her favorite movie, Momma Mia. (Don't tell anyone, but Susan saw Momma Mia 5 times in the theater, including the sing-along version, and watches it at home probably once a week.)

A perennial optimist, Susan's favorite quotes are "Just Do It," "It may be raining now, but a beautiful day is next!!" and "Keep trying, don't give up!!" Well, Susan keeps trying.... She always tries to help out – whether at work or play.... She always says that her middle name is helper – it always gets a smile, but she always means it.

Stan Wichowski Stan joined our Triton class from St. Joan of Arc School, Camden. As of June 24, 2009, he and his wife, Bernice, are married 42 years. They live locally, in Hilltop, NJ, but love to travel. Their all-time favorite place is Hawaii. They have visited the islands four times.


Stan and Bernice on their second trip to Hawaii

Stan and Bernice celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary on their fourth trip to Hawaii.

When not traveling, Stan likes walking, jogging, channel surfing, websurfing, and watching all kinds of movies.

Stan... what happened to your acting career?
Remember "Zone of Silence"???

Barbara Rayer Barbara came to Triton from a large Philadelphia High School. Although she spent only a few short months at Triton before graduation, she thoroughly enjoyed the close knit welcoming atmosphere that she experienced in NJ. It probably was helped along by her neighbor and now husband, Harry Minnick (also TRHS '64).

After graduation, Barbara started working for a large Philadelphia law firm, Wolf, Block Schorr and Solis-Cohen. Soon marriage and a baby boy were added followed by two more baby boys to take care of, so she stopped working. Fifteen years later, Barbara decided to return to the work force and spent 23 years working for a local radiology office in Blackwood and Voorhees.

Harry and Barbara and and man's best friend,
Sissy, in Sicklerville, NJ, pre-retirement

Today, Barbara is retired, happily married to Harry, living in Bluffton, SC, and enjoying the sunshine, warm ocean water and beaches. Her sons are all grown and happy and she (and Harry!) have a beautiful grandson.

Michael Brigandi Mike moved from Philadelphia, PA, to Blackwood, NJ, in 1960 and joined our TRHS '64 class as a freshman. He now lives in Vallejo, CA, in the Bay Area.

Mike wants to know
who else migrated to the SF area???

Susan Brown Susan came to Triton in the 10th grade, when she moved from Landsdown, PA, to Glendora, NJ. Susan still lives in So. Jersey, in Woodstown, Salem County, although she has tried several other towns — Magnolia, Voorhees, and Tabernacle.

Susan has tried many different vocations — EEG-EKG Tech out of high school ... bookkeeper for a family business (20 years) ... Dental Hygienist ... now, of all things, a car salesperson for 21 years! She has also tried many different avocations — school board member for 8 years ... PTA president for 4 years ... Sunday school teacher for 20 years ... and she started girls soccer teams in her town and at the high school.

Susan divorced in 1987 and re-married in 1990. She and her 2nd husband have 5 children, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild (on his side of the family!). Susan has 3 children from her first marriage — 2 girls (38 and 37) and an adopted son (35). Her oldest daughter lives in Lafayette Hills, PA. Her other daughter lives down the street from her in Woodstown. Her son lives about 2 towns away from Woodstown. Susan has 4 grandsons — 7 years, 6 years, 25 months, and 6 months — and one granddaughter — 3 years, but the granddaughter says that she is not three yet because she is not done being two! Don't you just love it! Susan's grandchildren are her heart and soul, along with her kids, of course. However, nothing beats grandchildren. They give you a new lease on life!

Susan and her husband have warm hearts and a warmer home. They gladly let friends and family move in with them in times of trouble. To date, they've sheltered at least 10 (but not at the same time!). Susan's cousin joined them in March. Fortunately, they have a 6-bedroom home. However, Susan believes that God helped her choose this house for that purpose and hopes that someday someone will take her in when she is down and out!

Not to worry, Susan. Just call! ;o)

Robert Cabnet Bob is a transplant from Camden, NJ. He spent his formative years on the "mean streets" of East Camden. He went to Cramer Elementary/Junior HS from K to 9 and to Woodrow Wilson (Go Prexy Tigers!) for his sophomore year, before his family pulled up stakes and moved to Glendora, NJ, with the hope of a better life.

Bob didn't hit TRHS until junior year. However, when he hit, he hit with a BIG splash! Although Bob seems to think that he somehow missed out on all the fun and hijinks in Blackwood/Runnemede/ Bellmawr, he has not stopped being in the middle of the fun and hijinks since he arrived!

The Irish Cabnet
Bob with Fran O'Connor and Bobby Hurst
of the Bogside Rogues at an Irish Fest

Thanks, Bob, for taking the initiative to get our class back together again!

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