Miscellaneous years and places

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The year is 1972, Roe Sichort and Arlene Hofmann visited together at Arlene's parent's house in Mt. Laurel....

Roe with her 1-year old daughter, Renee (L) and
Arlene and her 6-month old daughter, Lauren (R)

Marilyn Suske is living in California and flying for Pan Am Air Lines. Her first daughter, Leah Anne, will be born in 1980.

Raising girls can be tough!

What happened to Renee, Lauren, and Leah Anne?

Fast forward....

The year is 2001,
the place is Reading, PA,
the event is a wedding....

Roe's daughter, Renee, is all grown up, and getting married to Scott Pollins. Connie Morris and Arlene attend Renee's wedding. Unfortunately, Marilyn is still living in California, now flying for Delta Air Lines, on a flight, and cannot make it.

The year is 2005,
the place is New Rochelle, NY,
the event is another wedding....

Arlene's daughter, Lauren, is all grown up....

and getting married to Michael Leone.

Marilyn and Roe attend Lauren's wedding.

Roe, Arlene, and Marilyn

Marilyn, Arlene, and Roe

The year is 2006,
the place is Lafayette, CA,
the event is yet another wedding....

Marilyn's daughter, Leah Anne, is all grown up....

and getting married to Marcos Borrell.

Roe and Arlene attend Leah Anne's wedding.

Roe with her husband, John Mannion, at the wedding.

The proud parents,
Marilyn and her husband, Drake Grega.

The year is 2007....

Renee has 2 girls of her own: Emily and Laney.

Raising girls can be tough, eh, Renee?!?

Roe plays Nonny to her grandaughter, Emily.
Marilyn helps.

Lauren lucked out with 3 boys:
Matthew, Michael, and Nicholas.

Boys are much easier to raise, eh, Lauren?!?

Arlene plays G-G-G-Grandma to Mikey and Matty.

Leah Anne and Marcos are still having a good time as newlyweds and have not rung in yet on the family front.

The other kids: Dan Mannion, Dave Furfero, and Lauren Grega??? Single and loving it!

UPDATE: Dan married Yoshi, who has a son, named Kofi, and they had a boy, named Remi, in August 2009. Leah Anne and Marcos had a baby boy, named Sebasian, in November 2010. Dave took the plunge and moved into an apartment with his girlfriend, Tamar, in December 2011. Lauren Grega is still single and loving it. She and dad, Drake, went to La Rochelle, France, in 2011 and participated in a regatta race.
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