Villari's Lakeside
Sicklerville, New Jersey
August 11, 2007

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At 6:00 pm on the evening of August 11, 2007, for the second time this year (see 43-Year Class Reunion, May 12, 2007), Bob Cabnet staked out territory for Triton's Class of 1964 at Villari's Lakeside Tiki Bar.

This time, he strategically planted red, blue, and purple balloons on several tables and then waited for the guests to arrive.

Purple balloons, you ask? Yes, for the day when our red and blue schools are once again reunited!

Bob also ringed each guest with a red or blue lei.

Thanks, Bob, for making the evening possible.

Dave Worrell arrived at the Tiki Bar with his harem: Connie Morris, Marilyn Suske, Arlene Hofmann, and Roe Sichort (who took the picture).

Many, many thanks to Dave's wife, Dena, for hosting Dave's harem for the weekend.

Connie, Pat McCaffery, and Roe
wasted no time ordering mai tais.

Carole Sanger and Betty Lou Schwertly
followed suit (with the red, blue, and
purple balloons in the background).

Hail! Hail! The gang's all here!
Carole, Betty Lou, Janet Stiles, Ellen Farrell,
Marilyn, and Arlene

The gang grew larger very quickly:
Janet, Betty Lou, Marilyn, Ellen, Carole,
Arlene, Bob Cabnet, Roe, and Pat.

Dave appropriated Carole to join Marilyn and his harem (as Bob tried to squeeze into the action).

Never mind.
Bob had his own one-woman harem with Faye.

The harems united: Connie, Bob, Faye,
Dave, Sue Punda, and Betty Lou.

One last shot for the Tritonian:
Dave, Roe, Bob, Faye, Sue, and Betty Lou.

Sue and Arlene
(with another shot of the balloons)

Betty Lou and Ellen...

friends since grammar school in Glendora.

Who else came from Glendora?

President-elect Vincent Ferguson held court
with his wife, First Lady Jan. You can tell that Vince is important — he is wearing TWO leis.

Chip Famille and Roe
(the picture needs no explanation)

Joe Purifico and his wife, Marty,
with Janet and Marilyn

Arlene talked on the phone with
Bea Rogomentich, who lives in San Diego and couldn't come, but sent her regards to everyone!

Pat and Connie remembered old times.

Remembering old times . . . . next

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