Villari's Lakeside
Sicklerville, New Jersey
August 11, 2007

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Remembering more old times . . . .

Janet and Marilyn got acquainted with Marty.

They joked with her about Joe's "secret" life
as the "Most Sophisticated" senior.

The also joked about some of Joe's theatrical roles in the one-act and senior plays.

Oooops! There's Joe! And none too soon....

Look at those photos from
The Mouse That Roared!

Marty, Joe, Janet, Marilyn, and Dave

Sue, Bob, Joe, Marty, Marilyn, Dave, and Carole

Sue, Bob, Joe, Marty, Janet, Dave, and Carole

Marty, Joe, Marilyn, and Dave

Janet, Marilyn, Dave, and Marty

Joe, Marty, and Dave

Marty, Joe, and Sue, with Marilyn, on the left,
looking at the Washington trip photo

Chip, Nancy, and Nancy's husband, Ray

Harry, Ray, Chip, and Nancy

Chip, Nancy, Harry, and Ray

Arlene, Nancy, and Ray.
Pine Hill is only a stone's throw from Erial.

Arlene, Faye, Frank, and Jan

Janet, Betty Lou, Arlene, Faye, Frank, and Jan

Marty, Betty Lou, Ellen, Faye, Arlene, and Frank

Betty Lou, Ellen, Faye, Jan, and Vince

Betty Lou, Ellen, and Faye
with Bob and Connie in the background

Ellen, Faye, and Frank

A last look at the Tiki Bar and, then,...

Inside for some music and dancing . . . . next

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