Villari's Lakeside
Sicklerville, New Jersey
May 12, 2007

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In March 2007, Bob Cabnet set himself a mission to organize a reunion for the Class of '64. After all, the class had not been together since its 25th year reunion in 1989.

Bob contacted friends and friends contacted friends and the contact list grew. Bob made arrangements for the gang to meet at Villari's Lakeside Tiki Bar at 6:00 pm on the evening of May 12, 2007.

At the appointed hour, Bob Cabnet staked out Triton territory by strategically placing red and blue balloons on the tables. He then waited for the gang to arrive.

Bob waiting for the gang to arrive.

First, Bob greeted Faye Hopkins.

They recreated their infamous prom pose.

Then, Bob and Faye greeted Carole Sanger
and Sue Punda.

Then, Faye and Sue greeted Dave Worrell.

Then, Faye and Carole greeted Janet Stiles.

Then, Janet greeted Vince Ferguson
and his wife, Jan,...

and they greeted Bill Tarves.

Then, Bill Crumbock and his wife, Mary, arrived,
together and in that order,...

and they greeted Diane Kanemura
and Pat Rogomentic.

Then, Alan Bowman and Ellen Farrell arrived,
not together or necessarily in that order,...

but together they greeted Frank Dux.

Then, Frank greeted Pat Ciarrocchi, and...

they quickly drew a crowd: Sue, Frank,
Pat Ciarrocci, Pat McCaffery, and Harry Hertsch.

Pat and Sue....

Faye and Dave....

And, then, the discussion turned to politics. The crowd rose to its feet, shouting, "Where is our president? Where is our President?" Not hearing a response, the crowd shouted, "We want a new president! We want a new president!" After that the story gets a little murky. Some say he was elected. Others say he was appointed. Others say he simply crowned himself king. But the message was clear: As of May 12, 2007, Vince Ferguson is the new class president, ... or at least, until Bob Whitby returns to take back his thone!

Vince Ferguson accepted his new position
as class president.

Inside for more celebration . . . . next

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