The Kove
20 W. Atlantic Ave
Audubon, NJ 08106
October 12, 2019

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At 7:00 pm on the evening of October 12, 2019, The KOVE Restaurant came alive as classmates from Triton Class of '64

entered and took over the third floor banquet room for its BIG 55-YEAR Reunion...

Arlene Hofmann and Tom Hibbert welcomed classmates with the "Who Am I?" picture board. Did anyone guess all six (6) classmates?

Dave Leader and Rick Fugaro
Rick was the youngest classmate to retire, at age 52, from New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles. He and his wife, Joan, live in Florida.

Ellen Farrell and Carole Stowe
Both young ladies are retired.

Faye Hopkins and Al Bowman
Class Clown Al Bowman made it big in the medical supplies and equipment business. As you age, you might want to check out Al's inventory!

Most Athletic classmates,
Jean Daisey and Warren Spaeth,
are still active.

Donna Iacavone and Roe Sichort
Roe is retired from teaching,
but Donna is still organizing Disney cruises,
a nice way to spend your retirement.

Vicki Miller and Laurel Lezenby
Laurel Lezenby and her husband, Walt Shull, can be found at
Penn State football games on Saturdays in the Fall.

Brenda Desiderio and Arlene Hofmann
Brenda is Commander of the United States Coast Guard
Auxiliary Flotilla 86 out of Cape May, NJ.

Kathy McGough and Warren Spaeth
Kathy is a retired school teacher. She and her husband,
Dave Williams, Class of '65, live in Illinois.

The retired Eds - Ed Schultz and Ed Ford
Ed #1 was an auditor for the State of New Jersey and
Ed #2 was a health and phys ed professor at Chemeketa Community College in Oregon.

The retired Eds' wives!
Debra Schultz and Judy Ford
with Helen Colon

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For more information, please email Arlene Hofmann Furfero